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  Dr. Bea Mah Holland
  Dr. Bea Mah Holland

Dr. Bea Mah Holland

Bea Mah Holland is a strength-based coach and consultant who is committed to individual and organizational learning and capacity building. She served as president of Pegasus Communications, a company dedicated to the dissemination of Systems Thinking and Organizational Learning through its publications and conferences. She has also held roles such as MIT Sloan School of Management Director of Leadership and Senior Lecturer, Digital Equipment Corporation Leadership Program Manager and organizational consultant, University of Calgary (AB) assistant professor, and Harvard Educational Review editor. Her professional practice has included clients in health care, Fortune 500 companies, and a broad range of educational settings including local, state, and national leaders, as well as middle and high school youth.

In 2005, Dr. Holland presented at conferences hosted by the American Association of School Administrators, the Department of Education (MA), and Breaking Barriers, a grassroots Latino organization. She is published in The School Administrator, The Systems Thinker, and Public Organization Review, and was a contributor to and editor of Appreciative Leaders (Taos Institute). Bea holds a Masters degree from McGill University and a doctorate from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education with a concentration in organizational effectiveness and adult learning. She is married to a school superintendent and is the mother of two daughters.

References about her coaching and consulting work in education, business, and health care, are available upon request.



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