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  Adam Sokolow M.A.
  Adam Sokolow M.A.

Adam Sokolow M.A., Spiritual Psychotherapist and Executive Coach

Adam Sokolow operates from the premise that we are all spiritual beings living in a sacred world. Once we recognize this, we become more capable of navigating through the full range of our life’s experiences without getting distracted from our primary goal: to discover and cultivate our unique gifts and talents so that we will be able to enrich our personal world as well as the greater world where we all live.

Adam has a degree in liberal arts from Penn State University and a Master’s degree in Buddhist and Western psychology from Naropa University in Colorado. As a practicing psychotherapist for more than 20 years, he has come to recognize that our sense of who we are is very much related to our belief in our own personal mythology. We become the object of our own musings–an idealized version of ourselves, creatively living within the plot lines of our own unfolding life story. This notion forms the basis for one of his core operating principles: We are the stories we tell ourselves.

Our story sets the conceptual guideposts that mark our way. It helps to clarify our values and establish our priorities: We make choices that are consistent with who we believe we are. It follows, then, if we want to change ourselves, we must first begin by changing our story. This approach works because of the interactive and reciprocal relationship that exists between our conscious story and its corresponding unconscious archetypes. For example, if we envision ourselves as a hero, we will activate our hero archetype and be more prone to take heroic action. In the same way, when we tell ourselves our spiritual story, we become responsive to one or more of our inherent spiritual archetypes, such as: our Soul, Higher Self, Source, Inner Kabala, or Buddha Nature. As we become attentive to these archetypes, their spiritual potency is further activated, enabling us to recalibrate our internal compass by their light. We then can keep our bearings as we continue on our journey, feeling that we are guided in our quest toward becoming a more authentic human being.

Adam’s interest in working with archetypes makes him more effective in helping those people who have a spiritual outlook on life. His approach to coaching is simply to engage in an informed process of discovery between two spiritual friends. Through Adam’s coaching, his partners’ stories become revealed, and their aspirations are clarified. The sign that this is working is that the partners in this process will feel a familiar passion toward mastering the skills that will enable them to actualize their spiritual vision.



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