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Note: Client names and titles are not included because most of these comments were submitted as part of an anonymous evaluation process.

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"I thought the Regional Leadership Training Institute was wonderful. 
I think we achieved all of our objectives while still providing a really fun weekend.  You can always tell by the level of spirit how much the teens really enjoyed the convention.  The level of spirit this time showed that everyone had a great time.  As the teens were being picked up by their parents I heard nothing but positive comments.  And not just that they had fun, I also heard comments about how smooth everything went and how much they learned.  Dr. Sokolow, Thank you again for everything you did to make RLTI such a success!!!" - Jenna, Cherry Hill, NJ

" All of the feedback I have received about the Regional Leadership Training Institute has been nothing but positive! I'm pretty sure everyone learned a great deal, including myself. The favorite program seems to be the World Cafe.  Everyone learned a lot from it.  My sincerest thanks go out to you for all of your help, guidance, and time.  RLTI would not have been half as good without you!" - Samantha, Voorhees, NJ

"I thought the program was amazing. I felt that the best activity was the World Cafe and I think a lot of kids felt the same way. I think that the message of leadership with an underlying message of spirit is what BBYO is all about so the spiritual principles of leadership you taught us were a perfect fit. Congratulations on such a wonderful convention. You made it one of the best ones I have ever been to. I really appreciated all you did for us this weekend." 
- Evan, Cherry Hill, NJ

“It was a pleasure to meet you at the Foundation of Enlightened Leadership: A Spiritual Journey. Congratulations for a most successful Institute. I welcomed the opportunity for a renewed spirit and enjoyed the time for sharing and reflection. Kudos to you and your staff.”

“Congratulations! You are off and running….The world needs your kind of enlightenment.”

“…we want to thank you for your leadership in The Principle of Hope and Fear session at our conference on Enlightened Leadership…The session proved to be very well received, useful, and informative to those in attendance.”

“…we want to thank you for your participation in our conference on Enlightened Leadership. Your presentation was both enlightening and motivational….The times ahead are very challenging for educators. Being able to provide information and support for our leadership in recognizing their own empowerment to better empower others was valuable….We appreciate the time and energy that had to have gone into the preparation. It mean a lot to those who received the benefit of attending. Overall, the conference proved to be a hit. Thanks again for all that you did. We really could not have accomplished something of this magnitude without the skill, insight, support, and assistance from people such as you.”

“(Domenico) Piazza’s work with learning styles took it to a new level.”

“…best professional day in a long time.”

When asked if they would recommend the Institute to colleagues and coworkers, 88.9 percent said, Yes!

“The experience of being a part of the session at School Administrators of Iowa added to the enjoyment and interest in the Principle of Manifesting our Vision. I was able to visualize you and Paul in dialogue. The (related) chapter reinforced, solidified, and shed insight on my thoughts relative to effective leadership.”

“What a gift to our Leading With Soul group you and Paul were these past two days. I learned so much from your stories and dialogue. Your own vulnerability and transparency help us all grow.”

“Now 80 or so professors from the US and Canada know of your inspired work! And deeply moved and inspired, they were. Following the session, many folks stayed to tell me that they intended to practice the 8 Principles in their classrooms in the Fall. I was quite silenced by the depth and breadth of their interest and the spirit of their own intentions.”

“The seven lenses and the principles are incredibly inviting. I can’t wait to read more. I’m really curious to open the curtain of each of these.”

“Your chapter on manifesting a vision is brilliant. One of the great pleasures of reading is to put oneself in the presence of minds that present ideas that stretch one’s own mind. This your chapter accomplished with aplomb. The two of you complement each other well, sharing values, blending strategies and building on a shared world view that strikes the right tone for leaders seeking continued growth.”

“The overall comments were very positive for all sessions…Those in attendance remain interested in pursuing topics related to spirituality and rejuvenation.”

“I didn’t know much about this topic (Appreciative Inquiry) before but enjoyed the experience. This session was insightful…Great trust building experience.”

“Wonderful concept and ideal to implement (The Principle of Intention). Very Helpful. This session will keep me thinking hard for awhile. It caused me to reexamine the primary purpose of what we do.”

“My administrators loved the closing day with your article (on the principles of enlightened leadership)…I think it was because it was the second time through and they saw even more than they did the first time, which they also loved…Their conversation centered on their personal connections to what is important in the role of a leader.”

“Serving others (The Principle of Serving Others) in an important concept. This idea resonates with me.”

“Enjoyed the session (yoga activity)…Excellent demonstration and relevant information. Great relaxing experience.”

“The Dialogue session was refreshing. It helped synthesize the previous discussions.”

“The three days (Institute) were extremely well organized.”

“What an amazing experience. I truly believe that we will all see this conference as a turning point in our careers. Thank you for bringing us all together and planting so many seeds of wonderful ideas.”

“Dynamic, informative, and fabulous are the key adjectives participants used to describe the NJASA…Summer Leadership Institute…The major themes of both keynote presenters were tied together by the workshops on the principles of empowered leadership and the dialogue conducted by Dr. Paul Houston, AASA Executive Director and Dr. Steve Sokolow, Executive Director of the Center for Empowered Leadership.”

“Steve and Paul’s work is so refreshing, affirming it causes you to Reflect!”

“Content (of the Institute) was excellent.”

“This was a rejuvenating experience and needs to be provided at least once a year.”

“The opportunity for more administrators to benefit from this type of program needs to be extended.”

“This experience gives us the tools to work smarter and to work deeper.”

“Simply a joy to be enlightened by a mind such as that of Bea Mah Holland.”

“I loved this [yoga activity]. The idea will be put to good use. At first it was awkward and difficult to relax, but the objective was achieved.”

“Nicely done. The varied components of the presentation on The Principle of Serving Others kept us focused and on task.”

“Great opportunity to listen, think, and reflect.”

“We need more of this type of time together. A quality experience! Thank you.”

“I loved the conversation. Thank you for offering this conference.”

“Excellent stimulation.”

“The Dialogue helped synthesize all the varied input and previous discussions.”

“Principle of Intention – Excellent, thought-provoking [in terms of the] importance of working from your integrity. Thanks for the validation.”

“What a different educational system we would have if every educator came from the Principle of Serving Others.”

“Yoga – Claire Diab is wonderful. She never misses a teaching point and makes learning fun.”

“I thought all sessions were inspiring, thought provoking and empowering. By the end of the sessions I felt revitalized, empowered and inspired. Thank you for providing food for the mind and soul.”

“I liked the emphasis on being in the now and just being.”

“Yoga – nice relaxing end to the day.”

“I’m reminded to ‘be’ and not just ‘do’."

“The Principle of Serving Others – I’m reminded to reflect on others’ needs, not just mine.”

“The Principle of Hope and Fear – Excellent session.”

“The Principle of Serving Others was thought-provoking and encouraged reflective thinking.”

“Appreciative Inquiry – I don’t recall ever having such a strong trust building experience in such a short time.”

“The Principle of Serving Others – I had no idea there were so many aspects to servant leadership."

“Yoga – my father must be ecstatic! He always wanted me to do yoga.”

“The Principle of Intention – excellent presentation, very dynamic and motivating, good interaction exercises.”

“Yoga – wow! What a sense of peace and well being I feel.”


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