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Letters to the Editor
From Our Readers

Dear Steve,

As always, the essays were fascinating (Issue #14). I really liked Adam's thoughts on the interpretation of Buddha's First Noble Truth, it helped me look at it in a new way. There's always one essay that bring tears to my eyes, and this time it was Domeico's, especially the part about how Boyle's book "Tattoos on the Heart" got its name. Wow. LOVE Claire's term "bibliotherapy"— I too am a practitioner. And my favorite essay is from Maybeth, who was so brave to reveal her personal "I Believe" list. Reading it was like a gong ringing inside me, I resonated so completely with each of her beliefs. What a pleasure,

- Erin O'Kelley Muck, Ashland, OR

Dear Steve:

After just returning from two months in Germany – I'm getting used to every day life here again – and finally read Issue 14 of the LENS.

All I can say, as always, is "Wow!" Each contributor approached the theme so uniquely and I learned so much from each one. I wanted to share some thoughts with you (feel free to pass it on to the others) if you wish.

I knew Paul as a fellow superintendent when he was (sorry, Paul, but it was true) a bit arrogant (a "wise ass" as he called himself). Observing his transformation to becoming a truly "wise man" has been so wonderful – and an encouragement to me on my own path toward always "becoming." Thank you, Paul, for making such significant contributions to our profession and to leadership in general. You are truly one of the "greats" – wise (even then, in your arrogant style) and wise now in a mature and special way. Thank you also for writing the preface to my "Balancing" book those years ago! I couldn't have selected a better person for this important section.

Stephen – I also love the Ring Trilogy and loved the comparisons with the theme that you made in your article. I devoured Tolkien many years ago – and those great truths are certainly eternal! Yes, finding our purpose is often a mysterious process – helped by synchronicity, tenacity and good fortune.

Adam – that's the best (clearest) summary of the Noble Truths I've ever read! Thanks!

Domenico – your examples moved me deeply – and I loved the way you related those to the crucial role of a teacher.

Anne and Peter – I'm fascinated by your special knowledge/skills and by your comparisons of the theme to astrological symbols – and the sun.

Claire – thanks for the book recommendation. I've put it on my list. I probably should have read it when I first retired, but never too late!

Kathleen – how wonderful – and how lucky you are – to have such a special friend!

Maybeth – I loved your "I Believe" statements – amazing how such lists are timeless!

Tom – great questions to ask about our life's work – and about how we might transition to still find meaning as aging brings changes.

- Dr. Christa Metzger, Arapahoe, North Carolina

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