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About The Lens - Issue 22: The Principle of Our Higher Self

Our colleague Christa Metzger reads and comments on each issue of The Lens. Her feedback and keen eye is a gift to all of us. Below are her comments about the last issue of the Lens.


One of Paul’s two inner wolves connected with
Adam’s portal to infinite intelligence.
Steve’s inner Global Positioning System showed Christa how to embrace the storm.
Tom’s moral compass surely guided Peter and Anne to their shiny eyes.
Charles Mitchel went searching deeper and deeper to find the higher coach,
while Kathleen Alfiero pushed higher and higher with a ballpeen hammer and a pug named Munjoy, but avoiding firewalking.
Bob Cole karmic wheel spun full circle – and is maybe still spinning.
But it was Bea’s formidable question that brought me to final understanding,
“Who are you when no one’s looking?”


Dear Steve,

It's uncanny how apropos the timing of each Lens topic is to me. The Principle of Our Higher Self was such a wonderful reminder of the clash between the self-centered ego and what happens when we tap into the divine and access the higher self. Let me tell you, I had been stewing in a little ego-party for quite a few days, and what I came away with after reading all the essays is an altered view and a better way of interacting with people in my daily life. Before every interpersonal communication, I ask myself, “Am I coming from a place of love?” And I believe that a person’s selfless, kind-hearted intention can be felt by other beings, and they know when they are being listened to, and cared for, and when another has their interest in heart-and-mind.

Every article had a piece of wisdom to impart...

Paul's talk of the inner evil twin - our lower self that runs things far too often in our lives – felt so true. And his phrasing here is beautiful: "…Accessing my higher self doesn’t need any special incantations or meditating or doing yoga or praying and fasting. The truth is my higher self is always there, waiting to be invited to the party… It just means that I have to make a choice of which twin I choose to listen to."

Stephen's idea the higher self is our connection to the Divine, and reminder that we all have access to that wisdom.

Adam's essay, as always, educated and informed, and gave structure and history to this concept. I truly appreciate the reminder to pay attention to the Lower Self, and to watch out for blockage in our Anahata chakra.

Love the shiny eyes that Peter and Anne speak about - yes! Eyes are the windows to the soul, so how perfect that they shine when connected to the Divine.

Tom's essay was a great reminder about how to stay connected to our higher self in daily life.
Great to hear from Charles Mitchel for the first time, and his essay is excellent and very leadership focused. His essay makes me want to invite my Higher Coach – and resonate with optimism, kindness, hope, confidence, inner peace, and calmness.

Christa's stormy sailboat experience sounds terrifying! And her insight that she wasn't the captain in this particular situation, and how she had to let go and trust the captain… that sounds extremely challenging – it sure would be for me! So grateful she and her husband are okay and for the wisdom she gained and shared from the experience.

Kathleen is a person whose warmth comes across so fully in every essay. And I am so glad to hear that the work she's done over the past several months is paving the way for a brighter future--because she is one of those souls who truly shines and we all feel that light.

I can't even imagine being in Joan Vitello's shoes, and am so grateful that Bea was able to share Joan's thoughts on connecting to her higher authentic self during times of trauma. I highly resonate with and respect Joan’s four C’s: caring, commitment, collaboration, communication.

And Bob. The soul bearing rawness which comes through in his essay has such beauty. And his journey offers hope to those like me who search and wonder. I am so happy of what he has these days. And I especially loved the story about the job of a lifetime coming full circle.

- Erin O'Kelley Muck, Ashland, Oregon

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