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About The Lens - Issue 19

Our colleague Christa Metzger reads and comments on each issue of The Lens. Her feedback and keen eye is a gift to all of us. Below are her comments about the last issue of the Lens with the theme: A Focus on the Now.


A wonderful summary on the topic… full of humor and meaningful examples!


WOW! Your description of where you were as you were writing this made me be there with you – seeing, hearing, feeling with you. It is a magical way of being – present internally and externally at the same time. You have obviously practiced this. Thanks for what you wrote.


Thank you for your erudite, yet understandable, walk through history and wisdom traditions to enlighten the concept of “presence.” I always love your ability to conceptualize and then lead your reader back to the relaxed balance in this moment.


This was the key sentence for me from your deep and meaningful treatise on this topic: “… the Now is the sweet spot for manifestation; all the energies, from both the past and the future, come together here.” Thank you for your excellent article.


It truly is hard to imagine how a point (the Now) relates to all the past and future experiences - like a flowing river. Hmm… you made think. There must be some dimension of time that captures that.


I had no idea that such programs existed to teach children to live more mindfully and contemplatively. “Mindfulness Education” – wonderful!!


I always love your conversational style and great examples. You depicted so well how it feels when we are pushed into the Now by that moment of fear and then the moment of joy when we meet that challenge.


Yes, the moments of grief and sorrow are also experienced in the Now - and want to be lived through. A great list (nine points) for how to do just that! I was moved by your experience and the wisdom you gained from it.


You can’t get much more profound than you did on this topic. Did you read all the others first, and then did the BEST summary I’ve ever read about that point we call Now? Sometimes it blows my mind, but I do like and understand the part about waiting in the grocery line or stuck in traffic (at least from my LA days)… Thanks… you continue to be my model for good writing!

Dr. Sokolow,

In 2007 , I spoke with you about a study I was doing that included the use of Spiritual Principles as you have outlined in your book. You were very generous with your time and I admired how approachable you were. Since that time , I have also published a short book that I would like to share with you. My purpose for sharing is simply to express my gratitude for all you given to me by way of your work and your newsletter. I am mindful to incorporate those principles into my personal and professional life and have been abundantly blessed by doing so.

With much gratitude and respect,

- Lisa Ramirez



Great newsletter.

- Dr. Wolf J. Rinke, Clarksville, MD

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